Hummer adventure and hike tour from Xtreme Adventures

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For most city dwellers, finding a parking spot seems to be the only adventure in existence. This leaves you with the George Costanza route, in which you focus far too much energy on becoming good at parking, or the Normal route, where you get out of the city for a real adventure. For an adventure in the boundless outdoors which is bound to make you scream Whoo-wee, Steal today's Deal from Xtreme Adventures! Whether your adventure places you firmly upon the ground or has you soaring above the earth on a hang glider, setting aside a day for the good folks at Xtreme Adventures is a sure-fire way to see your world from a new perspective. Their adventures range from snowshoeing on Blue Mountain to tandem hang gliding over the world's longest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach, and while each one starts differently, they all end the same with a huge smile on your face! Steal this Deal from Xtreme Adventures to introduce a little excitement into your life!