$299 for a Full Day Dunk Tank Rental from Marsh's Dunk Tank ($600 Value)

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Nothings more refreshing than taking a nice dip in a cool pool of water in the heat of the summer, but how about taking the fun up a notch picture intentionally dunking your best mate in a vat of cold water, just for fun. Exact some light-hearted revenge, practise your pitching and bust a gut laughing with todays tank of a deal. Get ready to take the plunge with a rental from Marshs Dunk Tank for only $299 ($600 Value).Who hasnt wanted to hurl a ball at the boss at a corporate event? How about a little wager on who can who can dunk the family prankster first. Or punk your friends at the next birthday bash. Be the envy of the block party with this awesome rental. Marshs Dunk Tank has been delighting crowds for years. Its wet, its wild, and its a splashing great time for all ages.Marsh's Dunk Tank has been delighting crowds for years! Go dunking your friends with Marshs Dunk Tank!