$14 For A 45-Minute Hot Stone Massage PLUS A 15-Minute Hydrating Mini Facial At Elegant Salon & Spa ($120 Value)

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Every woman deserves a bit of pampering, some time to herself, to meditate on what her next step towards world domination might be. Whether you’re an executive, a gym teacher, a mom, a nurse; everyone deserves time to herself to relax and unwind. Are your shoulders hunched up to your ears like Quasimodo’s with stress and unresolved anger? Pull a shoulder playing baseball? Wake up with a crick in your neck that won’t chillax with gentle stretching? Soothe aching muscles and taut nerves with a hot stone massage today with Brampton’s amazing Dealticker of the day, where for just $14 you get a 45-minute hot stone massage PLUS a 15-minute hydrating mini facial at Elegant Salon & Spa ($120 Value)! With your busy life, it can be easy to overlook basic care and needs of your body and skin as age and pollutants contaminate your youthful vigour. The first step in releasing those stress lines from around your eyes and mouth is to lie down and relax with a hot stone massage. You know the drill about drinking lots of water, using sun screen, and no smoking. However there’s a lot to be said for calm mind calm body. If you’re lying in warm comforting bliss during a hot stone massage, stress and age will slip away. Add a mini hydrating facial to really glow. Be the envy of your friends as you look rested and refreshed without one cut or stitch. While you’re at the spa, be certain to explore their other services. Their professional staff will be pleased to assess you and provide observations about the most effective services for your situation. Where else can you get an hour’s worth of pampering for the price of a movie ticket? Treat your mom and your daughter to a trip to the spa with today's relaxing Brampton DealTicker deal of the day where for the low price of $14, you get a 45-minute hot stone massage PLUS a 15-minute hydrating mini facial at Brampton’s Elegant Salon & Spa ($120 Value)!


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