$24 for Five Collagen and 24-Karat Gold Facial Masks - Taxes Included ($150 Value)

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It’s 8:00 am. You roll out of bed, stumble to the bathroom, release a wide and impressively loud yawn, open the mirror cupboard to reach for some toothpaste and - BAM! You’re hit in the face by approximately 50 bottles and containers that have accumulated over the past year, finally resulting in one massive heap of plastic hurdling towards your tired and unenthused face. Good morning! Sound familiar? A woman’s collection of night creams and anti-wrinkle facial cleansers can get to the point of overwhelming, especially when it’s obvious that none of the products keep their promise. For a solid anti-aging solution, stop filling your cart with expensive creams and start participating in today’s National DealTicker! Just $29 for 5 collagen and 24-karat gold masks - taxes included ($150 Value). If you’re into looking and feeling youthful, this is a mask for skin firming, relaxing and smoothing wrinkles. The active materials and vitamins work in synergy with 24K gold in this mask to soothe inflamed skin; lighten existing pigmentation and firm skin. The vitamins and minerals penetrate the deep skin layers and accelerate cell renewal while the collagen molecules hold an abundance of moisturizing agents and the Hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin, acting as a catalyst for the creation of new cells. This gold mask is the newest method of smoothing and rejuvenating your skin, restoring it to its natural healthy glow and promoting the youthful face you’ve been trying to achieve for years. Experience the nourishment and cleansing of the collagen and 24 K Gold Mask with today’s silky smooth National DealTicker! Sign up today, tell your friends, and don’t forget that this deal makes a luxurious gift!


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