$15 for $40 Worth of Organic Baby Clothes and Accessories

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Ah, the joys of a new baby! You never knew that you could feel so much love for anything and you know that your life has been changed forever. And wanting to be the best parent you can, you want to make sure that your little bundle of joy gets all the best! But you also want to make sure that your baby grows up on a healthy planet, so that’s why you choose only the best organic baby food. But what about baby clothes? You want your baby to not only look stylish, but you want to make sure that their clothes are safe and environmentally friendly, too! And with today’s National DealTicker from Tutu and Lulu you can dress your baby in the best clothes for them and the planet as you can grab $40 worth of Organic Baby clothes and accessories for only $15! Tutu and Lulu has a wide range of stylish, beautiful baby clothes and accessories that are made from high quality, eco-friendly fabrics. Tutu and Lulu wants to do their part and help you do yours in maintaining a healthy green planet. Every piece in their baby and toddler collections are made with 100% certified organic cotton which has not been genetically modified and has been grown naturally without using any toxic pesticides. But Tutu and Lulu always know how important price is (especially with the cost of a new baby) and that’s why all of their products are affordable, too! At Tutu and Lulu you can choose from organic graphic tees, leggings, short and long sleeved bodysuits, hair bows, and hats for you little one! So go ahead, so your baby – and the planet- some love with today’s National DealTicker and don’t forget to spread the word about this green deal to your friends and family.


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